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Scientific research: Best Promotion for Your Photo on Instagram

It’s no news that Instagram is the best platform for sharing photos and videos. With the millions of people that visit this social media app daily, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the right views and engagement for your photo on Instagram.

Now, what is the best way to promote your photo on Instagram? Studies have found that captivating photos receive the most engagement. And how do you make your images captivating or appealing to the emotions of followers and other Instagrammers?

Read on to find out. SocialBoss helps brands promote their photos on Instagram so that they enjoy higher engagement and become the go-to brand for any Instagram user.

Promotion Ideas for Your Photo on Instagram

Showcase Photos which Reflect Your Brand Message

Instagram allows you to release posts, videos, and photos which are centered on your brand and express your brand culture. Now, when you choose your photos, pay attention to how their aesthetics projects your business.

For instance, if you own an online fashion store, consider uploading pictures related to men and women fashion, fashion ideas, trendy styles, and more. Such photos are bound to make it to the top of your followers feed and catch their fancy.

The bottom line – if you want your photos on Instagram to be seen by more people, choose only the pictures that project your business goals.

Use Professional Photos

Another important way to promote your photos on Instagram is to go professional. Professional photos, according to WishPond, often make a strong impression on internet users, especially those seeking to make purchases.

No doubt, your goal for sharing photos shouldn’t necessarily be to make sales. Nonetheless, you should focus on sharing unique photos which grab the attention of Instagrammers. You could look closely to your color combination, photo content arrangement, and variety. High-quality photos have a professional quality, fit the ideal size, and maintain the rectangular or square shape.

Don’t Overlook Instagram Editing Tools

Instagram receives 70 million photos on a daily basis. Now, without the right editing tools, you cannot expect to promote your photo on Instagram successfully.

Note that Instagram editing tools such as in-app filters e.g. Mayfair can help you improve the brightness and mood of your pictures. Even if you’re no artist, you can still make a good judgment of a photo that needs some touch on the color or appeal. Blue achieves more results than red. Lighter images work better than dark images.

Tell Stories with Your Photos

One of the most significant ways to promote your photos on Instagram is to tell stories with your photos. It’s not enough to take your photos with a real camera. You need to leave a good impression on your followers.

Use the right and popular hashtags (such as #TBT i.e. throwback Thursday), use emotion-stirring words, and add thought-provoking, captivating topics. If possible, let your picture headings ask questions.

How SocialBoss Can Promote Your Instagram Photos

Do you need ideas on how to promote your photos on Instagram? Let’s bring your photos to the fore where Instagrammers can interact better with them.

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