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Science research: How to grow the number of views for Youtube video

Youtube is not just for entertainment anymore. Clips of cute cats and funny fails still rake in millions of views, but the second social media network in the world now attracts users for a variety of reasons. Statistics show that over 95% of the millennials access it to find out information before making a purchase or a lifestyle decision. If you want to grow your business, you need to enhance the number of views for your promotional Youtube videos. You can do so easily with YoutubeGrow and by following these tips!


The mistake that many users make when promoting their Youtube videos is trying to target as many keywords as possible. In SEO terms, this strategy is a sure recipe for disaster because instead of matching the search engine and Youtube search algorithms you present your content as potential spam.

Instead, you should use only one keyword per video. This strategy allows you to rank high for a specific tag term in the search engine and helps users find your content easily. Additionally, it also gives you a focus point when creating the content for the clip and thus you have a bigger chance of producing high-quality content.


Uploading a clip per day to your Youtube channel is a great way for increasing your audience. However, this strategy can backfire if the videos that you post lack quality or attractiveness. To grow the number of views for a Youtube video first you need to make it clickable and appealing to old and new viewers of your channel.

In this regard, you should optimize every single aspect of your video content starting with the title, continuing with the description and investing a lot of effort to produce an attractive thumbnail. Not only will these details attract new subscribers and enhance the number of views, but they will also fit with the strict requirements of SEO algorithms.


If you disable the commenting option on your Youtube video there is a minimal chance for you to ever increase the number of views for that clip. Instead, you should do your best to encourage discussions among viewers and attract new comments.

You can always buy Youtube views to skip this step in an easy and cost-effective manner. However,

if you have the time to dedicate to this strategy, you should respond to user questions, ask others for their opinions and leave impressions on their comments. Remember that you need to build a community around your Youtube channel, and that starts with creating a smaller one around every video you post.


The last thing you want after a user finishes viewing your video is to have him redirected to another channel. To prevent this abandonment scenario you need to keep your URL playlists in check so that the users always get suggestions from your uploaded content every time they finish one.

You can do so by auto-queuing your videos in a playlist format style that always redirects users to your channel provided that you have enough content for them to watch. Therefore, users will always enter the playlist mode automatically and get one video after another instead of being redirected to a single video that might not be from your channel.

The more views you get per video the more time a user spends on your channel. This results in a higher ranking in search results from Youtube and a better exposure to new users.

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