Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility, IIT-Bombay, Mumbai


Instrument Make/Model Major  Specifications/
Accessories available
Type of measurement/analysis available
1. FT- IR Spectrometer Nicolet 
Magna 550
Range: 400-4000 Cm-1  
& 50 to 600 Cm-1;
Resolution: 0.5 Cm-1 ;
Grazing/variable angle
specular reflectance; Variable angle ATR attachments.
Analysis of organic and inorganic compounds, Polymer coatings, Semi-conductors, Surface analysis and Surface orientation of molecular species.
    Nicolet 170 SX Range: 400-4000 Cm-1
Resolution: 0.06 Cm-1
2. ICP-Atomic Emission Spectrometer Plasma Lab Labtam 8440 Range: 160 to 800 nm, covering all important elements;
Detection limit: 0.01 to 0.1 ppm;
Hydride generator for elements like As, Sb, Sn, Hg, Se & Bi.
Analysis of elements in soil, rock, plants, effluents, water, chemicals, environmental, metallurgical, biological/clinical and pharmaceutical samples.
3. ICP-Atomic Emission Spectrometer Jobin Yuon Ultima 2 Range: 120 to 800 nm;
Detection limit: 10ppb
4. Fluorescence
Applied Photophysics
Excitation with nanosecond flashlamp system; Lifetime measurements down to 0.5 nanosecond; Low temperature accessory. Fluorescence studies/measurements of species in biological systems, polymers, membranes, liquid crystals, low dimensional structures, semiconductors etc.  in areas of Photobiology, Photochemistry and Photophysics.
5. Laser Raman Spectrometer Jobin Yvon
Range: 50 to 4000 Cm-1; 488 & 514 nm excitations; High temperature and sample spinning accessories. Analysis of powder, single crystals, liquids, thin films, polymers etc.
6. FT-NMR Spectrometer Varian
Mercury Plus 300
300 MHz machine with 5 mm probe; capable of liquid and solid sample analysis for nuclei from nitrogen to phosphorus including proton and fluorine; solid state NMR 7 mm rotor for 15N to 31P analysis. Organic, Organometallic, pharmaceutical and polymer sample analysis for structure elucidation & quality control.
7. ESR  Spectrometer Varian E-112 X-band operation 
9-10 GHz; Variable temperature & aqueous solution accessories; Goniometer/sample rotator.
ESR studies/analysis of  metals, alloys, liquid crystals, catalysts, drugs, enzymes,
proteins, gases, organic & inorganic radicals.
8. X-Ray Fluorescence   Spectrometer Philips PW2404 4 KW high power
X-Ray spectrometer;  Sample preparation accessories:  Minipress, Fusion bead machine & Powdering machine.
Analysis of liquid, solid, and power samples including  ash, soil, rock etc.  for elements  from Boron to U235.
9. GC-LC- Mass  Spectrometer Hewlett Packard 5989B Range: upto 2000 amu;
Analysis of organic compounds, bio-samples like proteins-21; GC-MS (EI, CI), DIP-MS (EI, CI), ES-MS (Softionisation).
10. CHNSO Elemental Analyzer Thermo Finnigan  FLASH EA 1112 Series Volatile liquid and solid preparation accessory Estimation of C,H,N,S,O in percentage.
11. Scanning Electron Microscope Cameca
SU-SEM probe
Resolution: upto 400 A
upto 40,000 x;
Accelerating Voltage:
upto 30 kV;
Fully integrated EDS/WDS system.
To study surface topography, crystallography, magnetic/electric character, composition etc. of samples in physical, minerological and biological sciences.
12. Transmission Electron Microscope Philips
Accelerating Voltage: upto 200 kV;
Spot resolution: 2.3 0A
EDX, STEM, Local orientation measurement package (TSL-ACT), External CCD.
Study of ultrastructures of materials; Local orientation measurements in nanograms.
13. Image Analysing System Leitz
Soft imaging system;
High resolution CCD Camera, compatible high resolution frame grabber card; Image analysis software.
Classification of grain structure and inclusion analysis in metals and alloys; Size distribution analysis of powder, counting dark blemishes & holes;  Evaluating porosity of paper filters etc.
14. Thermal Analysis System (DSC/DTA/TGA) Dupont,
USA 990
TGA/DTA: Range-
Room temp. to 10000 C;
DSC: Range-
Room temp. to 6000 C.
Thermal analysis studies including transition temperatures,  Exothermic/Evelothermic heat flow measurements,  peak temperature etc.
15. Thermal Analysis System (DTA/TGA) Perkin Elmer Diamond TG/DTA Temp. range: RT to 15000 C;
Heating rate: 0.01 to
1000 C
Simultaneous DTA/TGA thermal analysis studies including transition temperatures, Exothermic/Evelothermic heat flow measurements, peak temperature etc.
16. Molecular Graphics Workstation Silicon Graphics Power Indigo 2XZ Molecular Modeling Program; BIOSYM- Insight II and Discover Softwares; TRIPOS – Alchemy III, Chemprint, Power Search Softwares. Insight II program helps to build and manipulate virtually any class of molecule or molecular system in conjunction with molecular mechanics/dynamics program DISCOVER.