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How to use Instagram Stories Views for Learning Purposes

Instagram is steadily developing into an everyday necessity for people worldwide. What started as a simple photo-sharing platform has now become a social media phenomenon on a global scale. Today, people do not use it just for sharing their latest selfies, but also for building brands, developing businesses and for research and teaching purposes.

The Instagram Stories feature is one of the most effective tools in sharing essential information to a large group of people in the shortest possible time. If you are wondering how to use Instagram Stories views for learning purposes, you have come to the right place. We have 5 efficient methods that will expand your use of this social media network. Here they are!


If you are part of a group of students working on a project, you can use Instagram to communicate better. Create a group containing only the project participants and keep it as a working platform where you can all pitch ideas.

In this case, using Instagram Stories is a must. This feature allows you to share short, 24-hour clips containing both video content and images of your work on the project. If you and your project partners work in separate locations, you can easily use this tool to show others your progress.


Instagram Stories is a great tool for students everywhere. You can use it to ask questions about projects, homework or schooling activities. If your teachers follow you, then it becomes a communicating channel where you can discuss school topics that regard learning purposes.

Alternatively, if you are a teacher, you can employ the fast-acting power of Instagram Stories to attract the students’ interest in the subjects that you teach. You can also use this feature as a call-to-action tool for organizing events and activities.


Whether you are a teacher or a student you have to admit that school tends to become boring many times throughout the year. You can help others in your classroom escape boredom by capturing some behind-the-scenes footage and sharing it with everybody through Instagram Stories.

This way, you get to capture a different side of what school means to you, your classmates or your students. The footage will entertain them and make for some lively discussions both on social media and in real life.


When using Instagram Stories as a communication tool in a group project it is a good idea to use unique hashtags. One of the platform’s oldest features, the hashtag provides amazing results in terms of learning purposes and bonding between the participants.

Even social media experts like InstaGrowing agree that the use of hashtags makes a considerable difference when it comes to improving communication between students and teachers in a workgroup. This feature helps many of them relate better to the other participants and makes them feel more responsible about the task at hand.


Instagram Stories are great for engaging people in conversation and attracting interest in academic topics. When you publish them, you can also increase the curiosity of people outside the school, who may find your activities entertaining. This tactic can increase the number of views for your school’s profile and boost its popularity in the long run. With such a small feature you can attract better students to your institution and even collaborations with more prestigious schools and universities.