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Ministry of Science & Technology
Department of Science & Technology

Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST).

Proposals are invited for consideration of support under the Scheme “Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST)” of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The Scheme is intended to provide basic infrastructure and enabling facilities for promoting R&D activities in new and emerging areas and attracting fresh talents in universities & other educational institutions.

Nature of Support: The Scheme will provide optimal infrastructure facilities for post-graduate teaching and research, such as, renovation of laboratory space (no fresh constructions) and cold room, modernization of laboratories involved in PG teaching and research, acquisition of essential equipment and up-gradation of existing facilities, databases, scientific books (no journals) etc.. The facilities provided under the Program are intended to support the efforts of the Department as a whole or a number of faculty members in the Department. Proposal towards individual R&D support would not be accepted under this Scheme.

Duration:  The duration of support for each Department will be for a period not exceeding 5 years.

Eligibility:  All Science (including Medical & Agriculture) and Engineering Departments/ Centres having strong post-graduate teaching and research programs which have existed for at least 3 years or more in universities and other higher educational institutions are eligible. The Department/ Centre/ School already supported under FIST Program may submit fresh proposal after completion of the ongoing project or likely to be completed by 31.03.2008. Progress of ongoing project of the Department/ Centre/ School will be monitored as per monitoring schedule of the Program and any additional requirements will be considered as a part of that exercise. In case of departments from self-financed & private Colleges/ Institutes, support shall be considered only for research, having National Level Test (NET/GATE) qualified post-graduate students (more than 50 %) and such department would need to contribute 50 % of total recommended budget.


Type of Support:

(A) Level – I: Proposals from relatively small but active Department (minimum five faculty members with PhD degree) requiring moderate funding (upper limit - Rs 5 crores ) for improving quality of teaching & research through modernization of laboratories, for augmenting library and networking & computational facilities.

(B) Level – II: Proposals from well established Department (minimum eight faculty members with PhD degree) requiring substantial funding (upper limit – Rs 10 crores) for acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and setting up laboratories for conducting internationally competitive research including networking & computational facilities.   

Selection:  The selection will be through a peer review mechanism and visit to the laboratories, if necessary. An Advisory Board of Experts will assist the DST in making final selection.

Application:  Applications are invited from eligible Departments in the universities and other higher educational institutions in the prescribed format given below. The Departments may be required to submit additional information and/or presentation. One copy of application complete in all respect along with a CD with proper labeling should reach the following address on or before 31st January 2007. Sending proposal through e-mail shall be avoided as far as possible.

A Summary Sheet in a separate page containing Level, Subject Area, Name of Department/ Centre & University/ Institute, Year of Establishment, Status of Institute/ University/ College, complete Postal Address for correspondence including name of Head/ Contact Person, Pin Number, State/ UT, Telephone no., Fax & E-mail and the total budget may also be attached.  Please note that incomplete Proposal, Proposal not in the prescribed format and Proposal received after the due date would summarily be rejected and no correspondence with Department would be made in this respect. The name of the successful departments shall be displayed in the Website after completion of the process.

Dr A Mukhopadhyay, Adviser/ Scientist `G’, Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC) Division, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110 016, Tel: 011 – 26602193 (direct), 26590445 E-mail: [email protected].

The envelope should mention on top No “PROPOSAL UNDER FIST in Subject Area -----------”.  
[e.g. Life Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Engineering Science, Earth & Atmospheric Science & Mathematical Science]




Application for [please tick one]          Level I               Level II

1.a)  Name of the Department & Year of Establishment
b)     Name of the University/Institution
c)     Address for correspondence including
        Telephone, Telegram, FAX, e-mail etc.
   d)  Year of Commencement of PG Program in the Department           

2.     Status of the Institute/ University/ College (attach supporting documents)
[Central Govt./ State Govt./ State Govt. Aided/ Private  (self-financed)]

3.     a) Name & Number of Faculty members in position: a) Professors, b) Readers & c) Lecturers
(List only Core & Permanent Faculty Members in Department/ Centre/School with their academic qualifications)

Name of Faculty Member



Highest Qualification





b) Sanctioned Strength

4. Distinction earned by faculty members like National and International Awards, Professional Societies

5.  a) Actual Current student strength at:  (i) PG level - M.Sc, M.Phil, M E/ M Tech, MD/MS etc.
(Regular Students & Donation Seats)

   (ii) Ph.D in each sub-discipline.

b) Degree-wise actual number of passing out students in last five years:

No. of Students in each degree

2002             2003            2004             2018              2006             Total

M Sc
M E/ M Tech
M Phil etc.
Ph D


c)         i) Number of Students (year-wise) who qualified in NET in MSc Program
ii) Number of GATE (more than 90% percentile) qualified Student in ME/ M Tech Program in the department.

d) Placement of graduating post-graduate & Ph D students in the Department.
6.         Indicate the development grant received from UGC/AICTE during the Ninth and Tenth Plan.
Ninth  Plan                                           Tenth Plan


7.         What is the annual grant available to the department from your university/institution during the last two years
            Year                 For Research                                        For Teaching

8.         Has the Department received any major infrastructure research grant during the last five years from S&T agencies including UGC/AICTE.  If yes, details.

            Heads                                       Name of Agency/ Scheme         
with year and  amount                           

Supplies and Materials
Computing & Networking

9.Is the Department recognized under DRS (Departmental Research Support), DSA (Departmental Special Assistance), CAS (Centre for Advanced Study) and COSIST schemes of UGC for receiving support.  Please [tick] one :
  DRS                DSA                CAS                 COSIST

10.        Details of research grant received from different agencies during the last five years :

Name of the Investigator      

Title of the project and duration

Amount sanctioned

Funding Agency


11.        Details of any other Resource Generation Avenues (other than Sponsored Research Grants).

12.        Indicate the research activities of the faculty members as per the following proforma

Name and Designation of Faculty
Major areas of Research
Number of Ph.Ds produced (in last 5 years)

13.        a)  List of Research Publications in SCI Journals coming from the Department during the last five years (Authors Names, Title of Paper, Name of the Journal, Volume, Page nos., Year).
b)  List of Publications in Conference Proceedings during last five years (Authors Names, Title of Paper, Name of the Conference, Volume, Page nos., Year).

c)  List of Patents obtained or applied for during last five years.

d)  List of scientific/ technical Books written by Faculty Members in the Department.

e)  Average Impact Factor of the publications and Name of the Major Journals in which publications are made

14.        Give a list of Equipment, which are available and functional in the Department costing Rs.5 lakhs and above.

Name of Equipment

Year of Purchase


15. Library facilities - List the Journals received in your department/ university library in the concerned discipline.

16. Details of computing and networking facilities available in your department and institution.

17. Details of facilities in Central Instrumentation Centres such as RSIC, USIC etc., if any.

18. Details of Post-graduate Teaching & Research profile/ plans of the Department for next 5 years.

19.  Has the Department applied in previous years & not been recommended for support?
If yes, indicate (in 200 Words) year & the major developments in the Department in last 3 years.

20. Has the Department received support under the FIST Program during the year 2000 & 2002? If so, indicate the details of support received, their utilization and the impact of that support in Department’s profile & growth. 

21. Details of funds requested for 5 years along with phasing for each year:

Cost in Rs.(FE component in US$)

Sr.No./Items Name

1st Yr.

2nd Yr.   ………..5th Yr.


A.  Equipment

B.  Infrastructure Facilities
C.  Networking & Computational    Facilities etc.
D.  Maintenance of Equipment








22.        Complete justification for each item given at Item No. 21.

23.        Specify the recipient of the Grant (Registrar/ Director/ Principal/ Any other) by attaching an
endorsement from Head of Institution/ University/ College. 

Information submitted as above is true and is correct.


Signature of the                                                                         Signature of the
Head of the Department                                                              Head of the Institution


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