Endorsement from the Head of Institution*
(To be given on letter head)

Project Title :

1. Certified that the Institute welcomes participation of _____________________________as the Principal Investigator and____________________________ as the Principal Co-Investigator for the project and that in the unforeseen event of discontinuance by the Principal Investigator, the Principal Co-Investigator will assume the responsibility of the fruitful completion of the project (with due information to DST) .

2. Certified that the equipment and other basic facilities as enumerated in Section 420 and such other administrative facilities as per terms and conditions of the grant, will be extended to the investigator(s) throughout the duration of the project.

3. Institute assumes to undertake the financial and other management responsibilities of the project.

Date:                                                                         Name and Signature of Head of Institution



NB : In regard to the research proposals emanating from scientific institutionsl laboratories under various scientific departments, the Head of institution is required to provide a justification indicating clearly whether the research proposal falls in line with the normal research activities of the institution or not and if not, the scientific reasons which merit its consideration by DST .