Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility, IIT-Madras, Chennai

Instrument Make/
Major Specifications/ Accessories available Type of measurement/analysis available
1. UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer Varian Cary-5 Range: 200-3000 nm;
Accessories for:
Diffuse reflectance, Specular  reflectance,
Variable temperature and Polarization studies
Absorbance, Transmittance and Reflectance spectra; Polarization studies.
2. FT- IR Spectrometer Perkin Elmer Spectrum-1 Range: 4000-450 cm-1;
Resolution: upto 1.0 cm-1
Spectra of liquids/solids; spectral averaging; peak position band width, area analysis.
3. FT- IR Spectrometer Bruker IFS 66v Range: 4000-400 cm-1 &
500-50 cm-1;
Resolution: upto 0.1 cm-1;
Reflectance    attachment in range 4000-400 cm-1
IR Spectra of liquids (in cell), solids (in KBr  pellets); spectral averaging; peak position band width, area analysis.
  FT- Raman Spectrometer   Range: 50-3400 cm-1
Resolution: upto 3.0 cm-1
Nd:YAG Laser (1064 nm)
Analysis of solids and liquids.
4. Fluorescence Spectrometer Horiba Jobin Yuon FLUOROLOG 3-11 Range: 180-1550 nm;
Resolution: 0.2 nm
Polarization accessory
Fluorescence studies of biological samples, dissolved solids, polymers, membranes, low-dimensional structures, liquid crystals and thin films.
5. ICP-OES Perkin Elmer
Oplima 5300DV
Range: 165-782 nm;
40 MHz RF generator; Detection limit: Upto ppb level using SCD detector
Elemental analysis of water, soil, rock, effluents, biological, metallurgical and environmental samples in solution.
6. FT-NMR Spectrometer Jeol GSX 400 Operating frequency: 400 MHz; Narrow bore;
Variable temperature accessory/CP-MAS(RT);
Inverse Probe
1D & 2D spectral measurements in 1H & most of the nuclei in the frequency range 35 to 161 MHz; HMQC/HMBC/DEPT/ INEPT/Variable temp. measurements, CP/MAS(RT).
7. ESR Spectrometer
X/Q Band
Varian E 112 X-band & Q-band;  Magnetic field upto 2 Tesla; Room/liquid nitrogen/ variable temp. accessories. Room temp., liquid nitrogen temp.,  crystal rotation related ESR measurements.
8. Mossbauer Spectrometer Canberra S-100 Fe-source; Liquid He cryostat compatible for liquid nitrogen also Mossbauer spectroscopic studies/ measurements at room temperature/ variable temperatures.
9. X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Bruker
S4 Pioneer aXS
Sequential XRF spectrometer with 4 KW
X-ray tube;
Analysing crystals: LiF 200, PET, OVO55, OVOC and OVOB; Hydraulic press; Ball mill
Qualitative, semi-quantative analysis of powder, solid and liquid samples for all elements in the periodic table from Be to U.


X-ray Diffractometer (single crystal)

Enraf Nonius CAD-4

Mo (Kα) source;
Polarising Microscope

Single crystal X-ray diffraction data to obtain unit cell parameters, space group, morphology, 3-dimentional molecular structure and molecular packing.



X-ray Diffractometer (single crystal)

Bruker aXS


GC-Mass Spectrometer

Finnigan MAT MS 8230

Mass range: upto 1200 amu;
Resolution: upto 50,000

EI, Analysis of molecules upto 1200 amu.


GC-Mass Spectrometer

Jeol  JMS
GC-Mate II 

High resolution GC-MS/
MS system

Under procurement.


Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Princeton Appl. Res. VSM 155

Magnetic field: upto 1.4 Tesla with facility for crystal rotation

Room temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements.


Thermal Analysis System (DTA/TGA/DSC)

(a) Netzsch STA 409
(b) Netzsch DSC 204

Temperature range:
TGA/DTA: 250C-15000C, DSC: -1700C   to 7000C

Thermal analysis studies including thermal stability, oxidative stability, phase transition, glass transition and decomposition temperatures.