Certificate from the Investigator
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Project Title:

1. I/ We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the SERC research grant.
2. I/ We did not submit the project proposal elsewhere for financial support.
3. I/ We have explored and ensured that equipment and basic facilities (enumerated in Section 420) will actually be available as and when required for the purpose of the projects. II We shall not request financial support under this project, for procurement of these items.
4. I/ We undertake that spare time on permanent equipment (listed in Section 350) will be made available to other users.
5. I/We have enclosed the following materials:

Items Number of copies
a) Endorsement from the Head of Institution (on letter head) One
b) Certificate from Investigator(s) One
c) Details of the proposal from Section 101 to 500 (stitched) + one soft copy on 3 1/2" floppy, preferably in MS Word m Investigator(s) 20 / 10 for IRPHA
d) Name and address of experts/institution interested in the subject/outcome of the project. One
e) Sheet containing sections 101 to 192 One
f) Cover sheet by the Investigator One


Name and signature of Principal Investigator