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Atmospheric and Earth Sciences: Geotectonic models and experiments, Thermodynamics of multiphase systems, Isotope hydrology and glaciology, Isotope and chemical tracers for oceanography, Limnology, Global change, Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoenvironment, Evolution and dynamics of the Indian lithosphere, Seismic tomography, Recent advances in Seismology and tsunami probabilities, Wide angle MCS and MRP of marine sequences, Monsoon dynamics, Regional and global climate studies and predictions, Atmospheric effects on radio communications, Palaeobiogeochemistry and organic geochemistry, Satellite geophysics for atmospheric solid earth studies, Ground water source modeling, Atmospheric chemistry and air pollution, Long range transport of air pollution, Wet and dry deposition of pollutants.

Chemical Sciences: Organometallic, Heterogeneous catalysis, Novel materials, Bio-sensors, Bioinorganic and biomimetic chemistry, Molecular electronic structure and dynamics, Polymer and surface chemistry, Marine chemistry, Laser spectroscopy and chemical dynamics, Ultra-fast reactions, Photochemistry, Synthetic methodology, Magnetic resonance and magneto-chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis, Molecular mechanics and energetics, Combinatorial chemistry, Chemical aspects of hydrogen storage and fuel cells, Chemical aspects of nano-materials and nano-technology.

Engineering Sciences: Computational fluid dynamics, Interface science and engineering, Development of speciality chemicals, Advanced materials, Surface technology, Laser materials processing, Smart sensors and materials, Transducer and sensor technology, Very large scale integrated (VLSI) system design, Embedded systems, Signal processing technologies, Micro-instrumentation/Nano-instrumentation, Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and Nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS), Micro-fabrication/Micromachining and Nanotechnology, Multi-criteria decision making including genetic algorithms and neural networks, Optical information processing and optical computation, Quantum computing, Wireless communication/computing, Virtual reality, Internet techniques, E-commerce, Machine intelligence, Robotics and automation, Intelligent manufacturing, Recycling in manufacturing, Computer integrated manufacturing, Manufacturing process simulation, Advanced production technologies, Advanced mechanical design, Mechatronics, Fuel cells, Thermal engineering, Magnetics (magneto-striction, giant-, colossal- and tunneling- magneto-resistance, magneto-fluidics, magneto-refrigeration), Advanced characterization techniques, Bio-mechanics, Smart structures/earthquake engineering, Textile technology.

Life Sciences: Gene therapy, Site directed mutagenesis, Magnetic encephalograph, Brain mapping, Functional NMR/In vivo spectroscopy, Biomedical engineering, Transplant biology, Ecological engineering, Reproduction technology, Biodiversity and conservation biology, Industrial microbiology, Plant-microbe interaction, Crop biotechnology including molecular mapping, Molecular marker assisted plant breeding, Transgenic plants and animals, Plant genetic resources, Molecular biology of biotic and abiotic stresses in plants, Evolutionary biology, Genetic engineering, Modeling for new drug development, Molecular epidemiology, Drug delivery systems, Biological sensors, Molecular cytogenetics, Vaccine development, Stem cell research, Organ transplantation, HIV/AIDS research.

Mathematical Sciences: Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Differential and algebraic geometry, Lie theory and representation theory, Number theory, Differential equations, Non-commutative geometry, C*- Algebras, Computational aspects of geometry and algebra, Design of efficient numerical/qualitative methods for solving differential equations (both ODE and PDE), Stochastic process modeling, Algebraic and geometrical methods in control theory, Mathematical theories of systems and Cybernetics, Exploratory data analysis, Dynamical systems, Game theory, Combinatorial optimization, Spectral and inverse spectral theory, Wavelet analysis, Graph theory, Fuzzy/Hazy/Rough set theory, Mathematical logic, Expert systems and artificial intelligence, Computability and Complexity theories, Parallel computing and artificial neural net theory.

Physical Sciences:
Electronic materials and processing, Nonlinear optics and optical materials, Nano-phase materials, Optoelectronics, Gradient-index and Micro-optics, Semiconductor physics, Ultra-fast phenomena, Plasma physics and plasma diagnostic techniques, Development of Synchrotron radiation sources, Physics of advanced instrumentation.

Promising applications in areas other than the above areas may also be considered