Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas (IRHPA)


Additional information

In complimentarity to the normal R&D projects, the Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) also promotes programmes that provide for creation of core groups/units, national facilities and nationally coordinative programmes in multidisciplinary areas of high priority areas, under its IRHPA scheme. The proposals under the IRHPA programme are generated/ evolved by the
DST through consultation with the peers in the field or through discussions at PAC level/ Brain Storming Workshops etc.

The main thrust of the scheme is to ensure intensification of scientific research in selected areas of great relevance and potential for scientific and technological development of the country through :

-creation of core groups/units around an outstanding scientist;
-setting up of national facilities in areas of high priority;
-evolving nationally coordinated programmes in multi-disciplinary areas of high priority;
-Training to Young Scientists to pursue R&D in these areas.

Activities Supported:A

i) Unit and core group around an outstanding scientist
ii) Setting up of National R&D support facilities



Some General Remarks: SOME GENERAL REMARKS

i) A Core Group/ Unit is supported around an outstanding scientist in a carefully selected area. This is aimed at strengthening the existing R&D infrastructure with the scientist in order to enhance his research capabilities
as well as that of the Host Institution. It also acts as a focal point for R&D and human resource development and training in the area of research.

ii) The National Facilities are expected to provide state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical support to researchers pursuing R&D in the specific area of research. At least 50-60% of the operating time is to be made available to researchers from other Institutions. The Principal Investigator submitting such proposal should identify the Intensive Users of the facility prior to the submission of the proposal to DST along with their technical and financial commitments. The Department also expects it to act as a focal point for R&D and
human resource development and training in the specific area of research through regular workshops/ seminars.

iii) An inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary programme, to undertake R&D aiming at achieving a common objective and with clearly defined tasks for each group, are generally supported under this scheme as an Coordinated Programme. These programmes ultimately may make a major impact on the National S&T scenario and hence involvement of the relevant institution/ agencies should be ensured at
the initial stage itself.

iv) In all the above projects financial support from the concerned agencies/ institutions should be reflected while submitting the proposal.



Other information: OTHER INFORMATION

i) The proposals under IRHPA can be submitted in the SERC format with some additional information as mentioned under General Information and Instructions (Part A) of the SERC format.

The PIs may submit only 10 copies of the proposal printed on both the sides of
A4 size paper along with the electronic copy of the proposal on a 1.44 MB
floppy, preferably in MS Word.