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(To be filled by applicant)
{Sections 101 to 192 to be on separate sheet(s)}

101. Project Title

102. Broad Subject:

Atmospheric Science
Chemical Sciences
Earth Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Life Sciences
Mathematical Sciences
Physical Sciences
Other Interdisciplinary

103. Sub Area: Please tick the relevant PAC area from the Annexure.

104. Duration in months

105. Total cost

106. FE Component

107. Project Category: Basic Research
Applied Research (Process/Product Development)
Technology Development
Any other

111. Principal Inv.

112. Designation

113. Department

114. Institute Name

115. Address

116. Date of Birth: Sex (M/F)

117. Telephone Fax Gram e-mail

118. Co-Investigator

119. Designation

120. Department

121. Institute Name

122. Address

123. Date of Birth: Sex (M/F)

124. Telephone Fax Gram e-mail

125. Co-Investigator

126. Designation

127. Department

128. Institute Name

129. Address

130. Date of Birth: Sex (M/F)

131. Telephone Fax Gram e-mail

132. Co-Investigator

133. Designation

134. Department

135. Institute Name

136. Address

137. Date of Birth: Sex (M/F)

138. Telephone Fax Gram e-mail



Project Title:..............................Registration No...........(to be filled by DST)

Principal Investigator..........................................................

Institution I).................................II).....................................
191. Project summary (maximum 150 words)



192. Key words (maximum 6)

200. Technical details

210. Introduction (under the following heads)

211. Origin of the proposal
212. Definition of the problem
213. Objective

220. Review of status of Research and Development in the subject

221. Internaional status
222. National status
223. Importance of the proposed project in the context of current status
224. Review of expertise available with proposed investigating group/institution in the subject of the project
225. Patent details (domestic and international)

230. Work plan

231. Methodology
232. Organisation of work elements
233. Time schedule of activities giving milestones (also append to bar diagram and mark it as Section 410)
234. Suggested plan of action for utilization of research outcome expected from the project.


n Item BUDGET (in Rupees)
n n 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total
A. Rescurring nnnn nn n n
n 1.Salaries/wages n n n n
n 2. Consumables n n n n
n 3. Travel n n n n
n 4. Other costs n n n n
B. Equipment n n n n
n Grand total (A+B)
Total FEC*
n n n n

*FEC- Foreign Exchange Component
Foreign Exchange component (in US$) equivalent of rupee amount at the prevailing rates may be furnished.
N.B. Entries here should match with those given in section 310 to 350; justification for each item is to be given in Section following it that is section 311, 321, 331, 341 and 351.


n n BUDGET (in Rupees)
n n 1st Year(m.m.*) 2nd Year (m.m.) 3rd Year (m.m.) Total (m.m.)
Designation & number of persons

Monthly Emoluments

n n n n
n n n n n n
n n n n n n
n n n n n n
Total n n n n n

*m.m.:man months to be given within brackets before the budget amount

311. Justification for the manpower requirement.



n n BUDGET (in Rupees)
Item 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total
n Q* n n n n
n B** n n n n
n F*** n n n n
Total B n n n n
n F n n n n

*Q: Quantity or number, ** Budget, ***F: Foreign Exchange Component in US$

321. Justification for costly consumable (if not provided for in Section 231 i.e. Methodology)


n n


(in Rupees)
n n 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total
n Travel (Only inland travel) n n n n

331. Justification for intensive travel, if any.



n nn


(in Rupees)
n n 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total
n Other costs/Contingency costs n n n n

341. Justification for specific costs under other costs, if any.


Sl. No. Generic name of the Equipment along with make & model Imported/Indigenous Estimated Costs (in Foreign Currency also)* Spare time for other users (in %)
n n n n n

* includes transport, insurance and installation charges.

351. Justification for the proposed equipment.

410. Time Schedule of Activities through BAR Diagram

420. List of facilities being extended by parent institution(s) for the project implementation.

A) Infrastructural Facilities:

Sr. No. Infrastructural Facility Yes/No/ Not required
Full or sharing basis
1. Workshop Facility n
2. Water & Electricity n
3. Laboratory Space/ Furniture n
4. Power Generator n
5. AC Room or AC n
6. Telecommunication including e-mail & fax n
7. Transportation n
8. Administrative/ Secretarial support n
9. Information facilities like Internet/ Library n
10. Computational facilities n
11. Animal/ Glass House n
12. Any other special faciity being provided n

B. Equipment available with the Institute/ Group/ Department/ Other Institutes for the project:

Equipment available with Generic Name of Equipment Model, Make & year of purchase Remarks including accessories available and current usage of equipment
PI & his group n n n
PI's Department n n n
Other Inst In the region n n n

430. Deatiled Bio-data of the Investigator(s)/Co-Investigator(s) including
Name, Address, Date of Birth, Insitutions's Address etc.
Academic Qualifications (University/College from where attained, year of passing, class, Thesis title etc.)
Publications list (Title of paper, authors, Journal details, pages, year etc.)
Patent list, if any
List of Projects implemented

450. Details of Research Projects being implemented/ completed/ submitted by the Investigator(s)/Co-Investigators including Investigator(s) Name & Institute
Project Title
Project Status:

Completed-duration, period (from.... to.....), funding agency and total cost
On-going-duration, date of start, funding agency and total cost
proposed-duration, funding agency where submitted and total cost

Summary of the project
Major Results/ Highlights of the project including achievement (publications, patents etc.), for completed projects
Up-to date Technical progress report for on-going projects.

500.Any other relevant matter.


File No**_______________

1. Title :                   

2. Proposed Budget for 3 years :

2.1 Total :

2.2 Equipment :
(Please give list of major/
minor equipment)

2.3 Staff (proposed research staff) :

2.4 Other Recurring costs :
Consumable :
Travel :
Contingency :
Any other expenses :

3. Date of receipt** :

4. PI Name, Designation & Address :

5. Date of Birth :

6. Co-Investigator(s) details :

7. Date of Birth(s) :

8. Other projects with the PI/Co-PI(s) :

Sr.No. Title Cost (in rupees) Duration Agency
n n n n n
n n n n n
n n n n n
n n n n n

Cover sheet to be filled in by the Investigator ** to be filled by DST



List of Programme Advisory Committees (existing)
(Please enter one of these at Section 104: Sub Area)

Chemical Sciences (3 PACs)

i) Inorganic Chemistry
ii)Organic Chemistry
iii) Physical Chemistry

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (2 PACs)

i) Atmospheric Science
ii)Earth Science

Engineering Sciences (5 PACs)

i) Chemical Engineering
ii)Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering
iii)Materials, Mining and Mineral Engineering
iv)Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering
v)Robotics and Manufacturing

Life Sciences (4 PACs)

i) Animal Sciences
ii)Biophysics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
iii) Health Sciences
iv) Plant Sciences

Mathematical Science (1 PAC)

Physical Sciences (3 PACs)

i) Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science
ii)Lasers, Optics, Atomic and Molecular Physics
iii) Plasma, High Energy, Nuclear Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics and Nonlinear dynamics